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Crouching Aiden, Hidden Burn.

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Hi my name is JoJo, I'm a 40 something Dutch single woman living in Belgium. I'm a published author (one book so far but loving it). Interested you can find it at Torquere Press 'a Christmas Present' by JJWolfe.

I'm heavely into Bollywood and everything connected to it, like Kollywood and Tollywood. Why? Because I love the emotional drama the music, dances and the performers are hot, cute and handsome. Right now I'm getting into Tamil movies and me thinking that only the Bollywood actors where hot.

This journal is for my fanart, like icons, banners and other graphic stuff. This is a Friends Only Journal, most of my posts will be open for a few days till a week before I flock them. I hope that you like my art and please if you take comment in the post and credit when you use, thank you. Also this LJ is for updates on me, I will post video's and pictures I like.

You will find icons here who are of adult contence, don't like then please don't click on the link or go somewhere else.

My LJ aidenschallenge is for all my writing. Most stories contain slash and incest, if you don't like that then please go someplace else, but don't flame me.
My LJ wolfs_embrace is for my werewolf verse.
My LJ jjwolfe is my authors LJ for updates.

This journal is mostly friends only go here if you want to be added to the list.

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The pics I use for my art I find on the net.
The caps so far are made by me, I'll credit if I find them anywhere else.
CSI New York caps I got from dj_capslock
CSI Caps: http://csi-caps.com/index.php
The brushes I'll find on http://www.deviantart.com/ I'll have so many and forget who made them. If anyone recognizes them let me know and I credit where credit is due.

Also from

The pics I use for the Carmine Giovinazzo challenge, are from the net but also


And from the LJ comm carmine_stills

Got this banner for finishing my challenge on 100randomicons CSI New York all seasons.


I'll support the pitbulls in every way I can.